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Product Description

Chemdawg Weed Strain:

Chemdawg aka Chemdog is a hybrid marijuana strain that has developed quite the name for itself over the years.

How Chemdawg came into existence, over the years there has been more than one story circulating about it. This is one of the most mysterious strains on the market today. But one thing is for sure though, as one of the best strains to try if you have a passion for pot, Chemdawg has truly made a name for itself.

Buy Chemdawg Weed Strain Online USA:

This hybrid boasts THC levels which makes it pretty strong. But the real deal is its insanely potent aroma and fast-acting effects.

In the cannabis hall of fame, Chemdawg has practically secured itself a permanent place through its:

  • Mysterious origin
  • Ambiguous genetics
  • The plethora of successful crosses

So if you want to get such a popular strain at a low price, buy Chemdawg online only from “Weed Online Shops“.

Aroma And Flavor:

Chemdawg cannabis is known for its distinct diesel-like aroma which is sharp and pungent with very light herbal and citrus tones. Its smell is so pungent that you will be able to smell this strain from a mile away.

The flavor profile of Chemdawg also matches its aroma with notes of pungent and sharp notes of diesel and chemicals.


THC 15-20%
CBD Less than 1%
CBN Less than 0.1%


Caryophyllene Pepper 
Myrcene Herbal
Limonene Citrus

Chemdawg Marijuana Strain Effects:

As Chemdog weed tends to be highly potent, the users can expect to have a cerebral high with a strong heavy-bodied feeling. Due to its mind-blowing cerebral high, this potent and rad strain has a cult following. It will hit you hard and fast. This is the reason it is great for those with no time to waste.

If you love a chatty, get stuff done sort of high, Chemdawg is the best option for you.

This powerful strain can catch novice users off-guard. Due to its high potency, newbies are recommended to be careful.

As it has the best of both Indica and Sativa, you will get a sedating body high from Indica influence and a highly stimulating mental kick from the Sativa influence.

Medical Benefits Of Chemdawg Cannabis Strain:

Chemdawg has a lot to offer medicinally. With the upbeat and cerebral energy, it can greatly combat many mental and physical conditions such as:

  • Stress
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • PTSD
  • Pain
  • Migraines

Chemdawg Weed Grow Information:

Chemdog bud can be grown both indoors and outdoors and it is not very difficult to grow.

When grown outdoors, it shows flowering in mid-October. When growing indoors, the average flowering time is about 9 weeks.

Best Chemdawg Weed Strain For Sale Canada:

Prepare yourself for an amazingly chatty and uplifting high as “Weed Online Shops” present top-quality Chemdog strain for sale online at a low price.

Purchase Weed Strain Chemdawg Online UK:

Although its own origin us unknown but this weed strain has been the parent strain of many famous buds such as OG Kush and Sour Diesel which shows that this strain is itself incredible.

For serious bud smokers, this delightfully potent weed is a cannabis staple and for decades, it has been at the center of the US cannabis market.

Place your order now and buy Chemdog marijuana strain online at the best price.

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