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Product Description


Highly well-known and an excellent example of a Landrace strain, Afghani, also called Afghan Kush is a powerful Indica dominant marijuana strain. It produces a strong body high with calming effects which are perfect for helping you fall asleep or just chilling out to some music.

Afghan Kush is one of the earliest cannabis strains known to man and this historic weed strain got its name from the Hindu Kush mountains near Afghanistan.


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Derived from the Hindu Kush mountain range, this highly potent pure Landrace strain is available on “Weed Online Shops” at the best price.

This incredible strain is well worth it and everyone is recommended to try this strain at least once in life. So buy the Afghan Kush strain now to get a heavy relaxation and forget about all the worries of life.



Afghani Kush Marijuana strain has its origin in the Hindu Kush mountain range where it grew and evolved on its own without human interference. This means the Afghan Kush developed based on evolution instead of endless decades of crossbreeding and cultivation.

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Afghan Kush Online For Sale:

 This strain has a really interesting combination of unique characteristics and this is one of the many reasons why Afghan Kush is preferred by so many people worldwide. It packs an exciting blend of Cannabinoids in addition to delivering a special type of super clear high.

We have the high-quality Afghani Kush strain for sale online to provide our clients an experience of this super clean high.

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 Afghan Kush Strain Effects:

The super clear high provided by this powerful strain will immediately seep into your body after the first inhale. You will feel a significant rush of sensations that will be soothing you.

You will experience the high almost entirely within the body rather than the mental rush. You will have the feeling that you need to find a convenient and comfortable place to collapse out immediately but you might go a bit delirious.

You will notice an intense lethargy towards the end of the high. With weighty eyes and tired bones, you will feel like you need to lie down without any wait.

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Medical Benefits Of Afghan Kush:

Due to its characteristic effects on the body, Afghan Kush is described as having usual medical benefits.

It is frequently used in treating insomnia which is its most obvious and well-used medical benefit. A very few strain has this kind of sedative effect that put the users in a peaceful and gentle sleep.

Afghan Kush is also excellent for helping to relieve stress and other negative impacts of various mental disorders. When enjoying its effects, it is almost impossible to feel depressed or stressed. So whenever you are feeling intense anxiety or other unwanted emotions, just take Afghan Kush.

Some people also use Afghan kush to relieve painful conditions as it will wash away the pain no matter what it is that you are dealing with.

While high on Afghan Kush, you are going to feel sleepy no matter what dosage you choose.

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Active Chemical Substances In Afghan Kush:


THC 21%
CBD 6%
CBG 1%



Myrcene Herbal 
Caryophyllene Pepper
Pinene Pine


Purchase Afghan Kush Weed Online UK:

This incredibly easy-growing strain with an amazing sweet piney aroma and taste is of high historical significance. So if you are a cannabis lover, you may not wanna ignore this strain.

Buy Afghani Kush Online in the UK from “Weed Online Shop” at a low price and receive your weed with the discreet packaging and fastest delivery service.

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